The Curious Farmer

Ruminant Livestock and Greenhouse Gases

Episode Summary

Associate Professor Matthew Harrison is an agricultural scientist at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (UTas), who looks at agricultural systems from a holistic perspective. Kate (and Iain) met with Matt to get a better understanding of ruminant livestock and greenhouse gas emissions, balanced against the potential for carbon sequestration in agricultural land.

Episode Notes

This episode is really about carbon accounting in farming – listening will help you gain a better holistic overview and understanding of emissions from livestock, carbon sequestration in soil, and the dilemma that this presents to farmers.  

Matt, Kate and Iain discuss the need to develop strategies to assist farmers to manage their farm and livestocks  with economics, sustainability and socially acceptable solutions in mind.

Farmers who are interested in becoming involved in Matt's research can contact him via email: - his incredibly impressive bio at UTas can be found here.

A bit more about Matthew: his research aims to improve the profitability, sustainability, competitive advantage and social acceptability of agricultural systems. He leads a team that focusses on adaptation to climate change, extreme climatic events and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions through environmental, social and economic innovations. Their work also includes disruptive technologies, irrigation, seasonal climate forecasting, and whole farm systems approaches for profitable, sustainable intensification.

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